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Simple Green Cleaning Products are used exclusively by
Team BBQbyDan



    Collapsible Windproof  Chafing Dishes,  Wind Guards, Chafing Dish Skirts, Chafer Safety Barrier, Induction and Butane Cooker Guards.  






























Providing Excellence in BBQ Catering


Authentic & Award Winning BBQ Catered Cuisine. Buffet Style Catering to Southern California
We Cater Specifically to Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, & Corporate Events

80 Mile Radius from Santa Clarita California
< Catering Information & Pictures >
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< Awards for Cooking Excellence >BBQbyDan Catering & BBQ Competition Cooking teams are the proud recipients of the following 
Championship State Titles for Excellence in BBQ Cooking:


- 2002, California State BBQ Grand Championship title , < article 2

- 2003, Arizona State BBQ, Grand Champion - TIE, Went to Tie-Breaker, took Reserve
- 2004, California State BBQ Reserve Championship title
- 2006, California, Los Angeles, BBQ ' At the Gene Autry Museum, Reserve Grand Championship title
- 2007, California, Moorpark, BBQ Cook-Off, Grand Champion - TIE, Went to Tie-Breaker, took Reserve
- 2008, California, Los Alamitos BBQ Cook-Off, Reserve Champion title
- 2010, California State BBQ Grand Championship, Santa Maria (competing under team name Santa Ynez BBQ)
Customer Testimonials
- Buffet Style Serving environment

BBQbyDan is known throughout California & the U.S. for our award-winning catered BBQ meats & side dishes.  We specialize in the Kansas City style of low-&-slow wood smoking. Some BBQ meat entrees include pulled, sliced, & chopped Pork Butt & Beef Brisket,  Baby Back Pork & Beef Ribs, overnight marinated Chicken & sliced Tritip Roasts,  & smoked Sausage Links.  Many delicious side dishes are also available. We cook and smoke only the best meats (freshest & best cuts) with pecan, oak, and hickory hardwoods.  We will provide all eat-ware & serve your guests.  Our BBQ cuisine is proudly prepared & served at our customers sites using professional BBQ Smoking Pits mounted on custom built  trailers that can be viewed at the following links:
< Smoker #1 >
, < Smoker #2 > , < Smoker #3 > , < Commissary Trailer #1 >  , < Prep Trailer #1 >
We provide "Authentic & Award Winning BBQ Catered Cuisine" throughout Southern California. In an 80 mile radius of Santa Clarita, California ...   Call or Text Dan at 661-600-2530 or email Dan@BBQbyDan with any questions.
Last updated : 12/26/2023 


Awards presented to BBQbyDan
 for Excellence in Cooking at BBQ Events

  American Royal Cook-Off, Kansas City Missouri

  The Rose Bowl BBQ Cook-Off, Pasadena California

  ClovisFest BBQ Cook-Off, Clovis California

  Mandalay Bay Cook-Off, Las Vegas Nevada

  West Coast Cook-Off(s), Santa Cruz California

  Go for the Gold Cook-Off(s), Azusa California

  Surf & Turf Cook-Off(s), Imperial Beach California

  Shake, Rattle, Smoke Cook-Off(s), Azusa California

  Happy Trails Cook-Off, Victorville California

  Tostitos Fiesta Bowl BBQ Cook-Off, Scottsdale Arizona

  Beach Front Cook-Off(s), Imperial Beach California

  Blues & Brew's Cook-Off, Long Beach California

  Swine & Wine Cook-Off, Niles California

  Modesto Street Scene & BBQ, Modesto California

  Police & Fire Cook-Off, Ontario California

  Go for the Gold BBQ Contest, Azusa, California,
      State BBQ Grand Champion, 2002

  Southern California BBQ Contest, Azusa, California
      State BBQ Reserve Grand Champion, 2004

  Balloons & Blues, Scottsdale, Arizona
      State BBQ Reserve Grand, ( tied for Grand), 2003

  BBQ n' at the Gene Autry, Los Angeles,
      State BBQ Reserve Grand Champion, 2006,

  Moorpark BBQ Contest, Moorpark California,
      Reserve Champion (tied for Grand), 2007

  Sunburst BBQ Contest, Los Alamitos  California,
      Reserve Champion, 2008

  Customer Testimonials
  Buffet Serving environment

  80 Mile Radius from Santa Clarita



Beef Brisket, chopped, sliced, & pulled
Beef Ribs,
brushed w/ BBQbyDan BBQ Glaze 

Beef Tritip , overnight Marinade, thinly sliced 

Pork Shoulder Butt, pulled pork, shredded & pulled

Pork Baby Back Ribs, brushed w/ BBQbyDan  Glaze

Chicken, w/ BBQbyDan overnight Marinade

Sausage Links, w/ BBQbyDan overnight Marinade  



BBQ Beans, w/ chopped BBQ Beef / Pork
Potato Salad, tangy with Dill 

Dirty Rice, w/ chopped BBQ Beef / Pork

Mashed Garlic Potatoes, with Gravy
    _  up to 125 plates, Yes, I really do them by hand !!!
    _  I DO NOT USE Instant

Macaroni / MAC & Cheese - tangy and tasty
Mixed Fruit Platter,
seasonal fruits
Niblet Kernel, seasoned, smoked & buttered
Cole Slaw,
w/ Creamy Ranch dressing
Cole Slaw,
Asian Nutty w/ Oranges & Sesame

Green Beans, smoked & buttered
Dinner Rolls & Butter

Complimentary, the below items served w/all meals
 - Lemonade
 - BBQ Sauce
 - Dinner Rolls & Butter

Serving Equipment -  All SERVING equipment (chafers, tables & cloths, serving tools), menu, ambiance settings, & lemonade, and  table-setup are

ALL BBQ Meats & Sides dishes are prepared with the same care and detail that wins State Championships, Guaranteed!

Price quotes are based upon menu selections, location, labor, and the event as an entirety. Three meats and sides are a recommended minimum.    Dinner rolls, Butter, Lemonade, BBQ sauce, Serving equipment, and Eatware (plates/condiments/napkins/cutlery packets) are typically  included.  <Click here> to view  our buffet style serving environment provided at all events. 
We specialize in high-end buffet style weddings, corporate, and private events.

BBQbyDan   (Dan Cannon)  -  661-600-2530  Text = 661-600-2530 - < Customer Testimonials > -  -  Email =

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